Small group training

How we group:

At Vibe Football, we carefully structure our groupings to ensure every individual achieves success while also being challenged to grow. 

Although age is no barrier to progressing at Vibe Football, in most cases we group using the following development phases:

  • Discovery (ages 5-8)
  • Foundation (ages 9-12)
  • Youth (ages 12+)

Group Sizes:

  • Discovery: Up to 8 players
  • Foundation & Youth: Up to 12 players

Duration: 1 hour

Minimum commitment: 8 weeks

How you'll learn:

By drawing from the Ecological Dynamics framework, players will learn the importance of being adaptive in complex environments. We manipulate task designs and utilise a variety of small-sided formats to reflect the demands of the game.


How to join!

Find a location and class that is right for you and sign up! If there’s space, we even offer pro-rated fees for mid-term registrations! 

Just choose a location below to view the available terms!

Please note: Vibe Football uniform is compulsory for Small Group Training. This needs to purchased separately before attending your first session.

Focus group training

How we group:

For a Focus Group session, whom you train with is totally up to you!

Due to player safety, some restrictions on age differences will be implemented. We assess this case by case.

Players per group: 2 to 4

(1-on-1 training appointments only available for senior players)

Duration: 45min

How you'll learn:

Using principles from our Small Group training, this program offers an extra targeted, personalised approach. We achieve this through a smaller coach-to-player ratio. In return, players will train at a demanding intensity along with an increase in time with the ball at their feet.

This is not to be confused with isolated practice. In our focus group training, you will find no ladders, hurdles, dribbling without pressure or learning “skills” on the spot. Everything will look and feel exactly like the game of football and will be in the presence of a defender. 

How to join!

View our Focus Group schedule to find an available time.

You can also use our FG Credit Packs to save on each session if you’re planning on booking multiple sessions!

PLEASE NOTE: We only offer 1-on-1 training appointments to players 18+. From our perspective, isolated practice does not reflect the complexity of the game. This type of training must be reserved for senior players who have already passed through the Foundation and Youth development phases and simply want some extra touches of the ball or to find a way to stay active.